Some of us are fortunate to find their life’s calling close to the starting line. I consider myself to be one of those privileged souls. Art was something that excited me from a very young age and at age sixteen, when dial ups were still a luxury and internet was just two people, I held my first 35mm Nikon camera and fell deeply in love with photography – to me there is nothing better than capturing intimacy between people, the sweetness of childhood and the flow of emotions one experiences.

However, I did realize I sucked horribly at it and in order to excel in this art-form, I needed to polish my skills. As such, I decided to pursue a degree in photography right after high-school. I was privileged to be trained under some of the greatest photographers from various genres. But only one photography style truly spoke to me - I believe in the power of individualism, of being your true-self and seeing life as it unfolds. Therefore, I specialized in photojournalism.

Since graduating, I have worked with numerous folks who have been kind enough to let me into their lives, not only for a moment, but for eternity by letting me capture their most memorable moments. To me, that is the greatest honor one can give to another. I am truly fortunate to be able to pursue my passion for photography and I admire those who have entrusted me to tell their stories - I love telling stories. I‘d like to tell yours too. So let’s get in touch, have a hot cup of coffee and share away.

Fun facts about me:
I have a turtle collection.
I’m a queen of giving nicknames.
My husband makes my soul complete.
My favorite photographs...  people laughing.
I have travelled over 15 countries and my plan is to see them all.
I'm a mama of a naughty cat name Harley 
My greatest strengths would be unconditional faith, being myself and admiration for other cultures.